Musings , Sept 24, 2018

I would like to welcome you all to our newly constructed website. In line with this, I would want to express my great gratitude for taking the time to visit 


I have just finished and published the ebook version of HENRY KING THE RISE OF EMPIRES, and is now availale at Kobo and Amazon stores. I hope you will find it in yor kind hearts to share and experience the world of Henry King. Join him and his friends in their adventures as they battle an evil so diabolical...It will bring the world in the brink of chaos. From yours truly, I want to thank you in advance and wish you a happy reading experience. Have a wonderful and blessed week.

 -A.D Valeraine

Tartini's El Trino Del Diablo Tartini: Violin Sonata "Devil's Trill" / Mutter Orkis (1989 Movie Live) from

Lorraine Hunt & Julius Drake - Schumann : Frauenliebe und -leben Op. 42 From


Although I did not include this on my novel HENRY KING THE RISE OF EMPIRES, I had imagined a beautiful scene of Florentine singing the first art song of Frauenliebe und leben...'Seit ich ihn gesehen'.











Beethoven, Symphony No. 3, "Eroica" (arr. for a Piano Quartet), 1. Allegro con brio from

Henry proceeded to the main lobby as he marvelled at the elegance of the casino. Wall to wall carpeting, with its elegant bohemian style prints of elephants and leaf patterns. Golden chandeliers ware suspended majestically above, casting an immaculate light upon the great hall. 
A small orchestra played a heroic classical symphony, upon an elegant balcony supported by ornate marble pillars. -A.D Valeraine














Zimerman play Chopin Scherzo in B-flat minor, op. 31 from


Another scene  that I did not include in the final cut but was in the original munuscript. Ian playing Chopin's Sherzo in Bb minor.


Elena takes the lead as her pale fingers passionately moved upon the cello's dark ebony fingerboard while Anna Marie's quick bow movements, created a wondrous climatic rain of contrapuntal notes as their instruments vibrated in perfect harmony. Their womanly bodies seemed to move in a mesmerising dance of hardwood and flesh. Stretching the bounds of reality and ripping all sense of time. The dark but powerful sound of their instruments, contrasting the two women's soft beautiful faces.












Debussy Clair de Lune for Harp and Cello - Arpège Duo


Joshua Bell - Tchaikovsky - Violin Concerto in D major, Op 35


Tristesse - Chopin

September 2019


Fall is coming, the holidays is just right around the corner. I just want to share this swelling feeling of positivity I have in my heart. I have this great admiration for humanities continuing evolution towards an ever positive evolving path. The love we share  makes our road a truly great adventure -Alex Valeraine